It is time to create an authority charged with the mandate of protecting and enhancing the biosphere. A Global Planet Authority will remove the existential risk that we face, shoulder the responsibility of our transcendent moral obligation to all life and maintain the biophysical integrity of this planet for the ultra long term.

Human activities have gone global, our capitalism and consumerism are global, our population growth is global, our degradation of the biosphere is global and we are becoming stronger in our destructive power every day. We are all guilty and all at risk.

ONLY a specialised global authority, given a global mandate by the people of the world, can ensure the right outcome.

After 250 years of the increasingly destructive Anthropocene, a separate authority needs to be set up to protect and enhance the natural assets of our incredible planet for the next 1000 years.

We now run a biosphere. We have joined mother nature in the driving seat. We are the first species ever to do so and we are doing a terrible job because we are not properly organised.

We will keep failing because against the huge forces we have unleashed, we have no dedicated global protectorate, no global biophysical boundaries and no power to enforce. These are the three friends of failure when it comes to human organisational form. To our powerful and growing human population and its economy there are simply no biophysical boundaries we have to adhere to.

So we have to create a global authority that is fit for purpose, designed specifically to do the job of protecting a biosphere.

An authority designed to ensure there is a healthy biosphere in place in 1000 years, that is bio-abundant (lots of biodiversity: plants, animals and insects), has healthy oceans, enough topsoil, the right amount of CO2 in the troposphere, a healthy ozone and growing rainforests. This is our intergenerational responsibility.

An authority that is dedicated to providing this vital function of utility. And like any utility it must have (in this case, global) regulatory powers and taxation powers sufficient to fulfil the mandate that we give it.

In choosing to bring a Global Planet Authority into existence we are saving ourselves from ourselves. We will be putting in the robust global biophysical boundaries that are necessary for our survival and to uphold our transcendent moral obligation to all life.

Fortunately, we are 80% of the way there.

This is because the two necessary pre-conditional elements to radical system change are now in place: recognition of the problem and a connected quorum.

60 years after Rachel Carson’s definitive book Silent Spring and tremendous subsequent scientific efforts, we all know the problem now.

In 2020, 5bn of us will be connected to each other via the internet. We have become a global connected citizenship. We can now determine our own fate through the action of global self determination.

Now it is time for us to take the last step. It is time to hold the first global voluntary on-line vote to put in place the first piece of global governance, with power over us and all human organisational forms including nation states.

It will take 1.5bn votes, which is twice the size of the largest national election in the world (India 750m voters) and 10x the size of those nations in second place (Indonesia and USA 140m voters), but we number 5bn connected individuals now. If we choose to do this, no one can stop us.

Similar to all the actions of national self determination of 100 years ago, WE NEED NO ONE’S PERMISSION to put the GPA in place.

We can just vote a GPA into existence and we should not sleep until we have.

Vote GPA.